About Arouca Press

Arouca Press was founded on October 13, 2018, the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima. Arouca refers to the northern region of Portugal which for many centuries was home to the Abbey of St. Bartholomew until its suprression in the 19th century. This region is also home to Blessed Mafalda (1195–1256), daughter of King Sancho I, and sister of Sts. Theresa and Sancha. Her body was found incorrupted. She was subsequently beatified in 1792 by Pope Pius VI. 

One of our goals is to bring back to light out-of-print Catholic titles in order to re-invigorate the intellectual and devotional life of Catholics whether lay, religious or clerical. We believe that there are many treasures that await republication after years of neglect. Another focus of ours will be to serve as a vehicle for contemporary works which will analyze the crisis in society and the Church. The books may at times be provocative in the sense of provoking discussion and debate with the occasional disagreement but our intention is not to 'sell controversy' for monetary gain. 

We believe that our approach can be of assistance to all those who take the principles of the Catholic faith seriously. So too, we believe that the printed book remains an instrument of grace even in this highly digital age. Its incarnational reality has an immediacy that is able to stir up in us a firmer commitment to the Gospel and the totality of what the Catholic Faith requires of us. And so we say without apology: "Tolle lege"! 

Our attachment to orthodoxy does not mean an ossification of belief but a radical adherence to eternal truths which can never change. These truths, which the Catholic Church proclaims in all their beauty and grandeur, are relevant to each passing age; they need only be clearly communicated to each new generation. It is intended that the books we publish be relevant to every facet of Catholic life, from the soul's struggle for holiness to the difficulties of living this Christian life in our modern age. In the process we hope that we can provide a wide-range of interesting and thought-provoking books that enables us to become one of the more unique Catholic publishers. May we stay true to this vision. 

It goes without saying that not every statement contained in our books necessarily represent the views of Arouca Press nor do endorsements given for particular books indicate the endorser's agreement with the contents of our other titles. 

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