Forthcoming Titles


More titles to follow (in no particular order)

1) An Embattled Mind: In Defense of St. Thomas, Foreword by Gregorio Montejo, Ph.D, Carol Jackson Robinson (Collected Wanderer articles, 1971-1987) (Kind permission has been granted for this publication)

2) Monarchy: A Study of Louis XIV by Hilaire Belloc 

3) The Flowering Hawthorn by Hugh Ross Williamson

4) Le Latin Immortel by Marie-Madeleine Martin (originally published in 1966);  English translation by Brian Welter

5) Foundations of a Catholic Political Order by Thomas Storck (2nd edition)

6) For Them Do I Consecrate Myself: The Life of Sister Maria Bernadette of the Cross, Benedictine Nun of Perpetual Adoration (1927–1963), Sr. Jadwiga Stabinska, OSBap, translated by Justyna Krukowska.

Short Description: Joy, simplicity, peace: such words could easily characterise the life of Maria Róża Wolska, yet suffering, disappointment, and self-sacrifice could just as well. It is in the saints that these apparent opposites are fused into one beautiful and life-giving reality. A talented and independent personality, Róża entered the Benedictine Nuns of Perpetual Adoration in Warsaw in 1951, becoming Sister Bernadette. The peaceful deepening of the divine life within her would prepare her for an unexpected sacrifice—her own life at the age of 36. This story of her life, newly translated, is enriched with historic photographs and selections from her own writings. 

7) Integrity, Volume 3 (July–December 1947)

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