Forthcoming Titles


More titles to follow (in no particular order)

1) Love and Social Justice: Reflection on Society, Blessed Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński 

2) An Embattled Mind: In Defense of St. Thomas, Foreword by Gregorio Montejo, Ph.D, Carol Jackson Robinson (Collected Wanderer articles, 1971-1987) (Kind permission has been granted for this publication)

3) A Song for Else (Second edition) by Christopher Zehnder 

4) Monarchy: A Study of Louis XIV by Hilaire Belloc 

5) The Flowering Hawthorn by Hugh Ross Williamson

6) Le Latin Immortel by Marie-Madeleine Martin (originally published in 1966);  English translation by Brian Welter

7) Foundations of a Catholic Political Order by Thomas Storck (Revised 2nd edition)

8) Antonio Cardinal Bacci: A Biography and Appreciation, edited by Pier Carlo Tagliaferri (translated by Dr. Anthony Lo Bello) 

9) One with Jesus, Paul de Jaegher, S.J. (newly typeset edition)

10) Integrity, Volume 3 (July–December 1947)

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