Manuscript Submissions

**Due to time-constraints and the need to fulfill projects already slated for publication, we are not accepting manuscripts at this time.**

We accept non-fiction manuscripts in the following genres: the Christian life, theology, philosophy, culture, history, social doctrine, or in general, anything pertaining to the Catholic faith. 

We do not generally accept works of fiction. However, if an author has an established record of publishing fiction we may give it consideration. 

The following are some points to consider before sending manuscripts: 

  • Provide a brief summary explaining the nature of the work. 
  • The manuscript must be sent in a properly formatted Word document. 
  • The manuscript must be thoroughly proofread before submission. This includes, but not limited to, the following: the manuscript, especially any footnotes or endnotes, must follow the latest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style; it should have been spellchecked; biblical citations should follow a consistent and recognized set of abbreviations; long URLs should not be included in any notes (refer to material by author, title, website, and date of publication). If we are interested in your manuscript but see that it needs more work on this mechanical level, we will return it to you for further polishing. 
  • Provide at least 2 recommendations from experts (established authors/academics/scholars in the field). This is not to sound pretentious but to ensure that Arouca Press keeps a high level of professionalism. 
  • Note that we are very much a small, family-run operation (as the owner, I still have a day job which consumes much of my time and energy). If we decide to publish your work we will of course come to an agreement with you regarding compensation.
  • Once the title has been approved for publication, know that we take every work seriously and will provide the utmost care to create a professional book that meets the highest standards. 

Send all prospective manuscripts to with the appropriate subject title. Please allow 4-6 weeks for our response. 

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