Integrity: Volume 3 (July–December 1947)

Integrity: Volume 3 (July–December 1947)

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This third volume of the complete Integrity series features such issues as: 

•    An honest assessment of Catholicism and the American experiment 
•    The relationship between the Church & the Jews
•    A critique of capitalism & socialism
•    A critique of Frederick Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom
•    The providence of God
•    Russia
•    A Catholic view of death
•    Christmas
•    The Renaissance

It also features: 
•    Short stories
•    Poetry
•    Book reviews

“If men won’t do things God’s way, they run into trouble, and then they try to invent ways of staving off disaster. Our economic history for several hundred years past can best be understood as the efforts of men to build defenses against the consequences of society’s sins. Capitalism sought refuge in large fortunes and insurance. Socialism is the development, or if you like, the decadence of capitalism. It is solicitous of every detail of a man’s life in the name of security. If life under capitalism was unlovely, life under socialism is dreary beyond measure. We have two articles this month protesting the inhumanity of such an existence.” (Editorial, September 1947)

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428 pages

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