Forthcoming Titles

2023 (in no particular order)

1) An Embattled Mind: In Defense of St. Thomas, Foreword by Gregorio Montejo, Ph.D, Carol Jackson Robinson (Collected Wanderer articles, 1971-1987) (Kind permission has been granted for this publication) 

2) An American “Roman Theologian” on the Second Vatican Council: Articles and Diaries of Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton, 1958–1968, Edited with an introduction by Gregorio Montejo

3) People and Rulers at the Service of the Common Good, Santiago Maria Ramirez, O.P. (translation into English by Patrick & Mariana Adame)

4) Intelligence in Danger of Death, Marcel De Corte (translation by Brian Welter of L'intelligence en péril de mort); introduction by Miguel Ayuso, Ph.d.

5) Translation of Essai sur la fin d'une civilisation, Marcel De Corte (translation by Inez Storck) [originally published in 1949]

6) St. Mark's Gospel: A Commentary for Believers, Fr. Thomas Crean, O.P. 

7) Medjugorje: The First Twenty-One Years, Michael Davies (Foreword by Peter Kwasniewski, A Reminiscence by Adrian Davies) [This is the definitive and only authorized edition]

8) A Song For Else, Vol. III, Christopher Zehnder

9) The Formation of a Lay Apostle, Fr. Francis Wendell, O.P. [he received Carol Robinson into the Church in 1941]

10) Volumes 4 & 5, The Christian Year: Joseph Rivius, O.Praem (translated by Martin Roestenburg, O.Praem.)

11) Volumes 4–6, Commentary on the Psalms, Denis the Carthusian (translated by Andrew Greenwell)

12) On the Ordinary and Extraordinary Magisterium from Joseph Kleutgen to the Second Vatican Council (2nd edition), Dr. John Joy

13) The Parish and the Working Class, Abbé Georges Michonneau [republishing of 3 books, newly typeset, into one volume]

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