Integrity (1946-1956)

Integrity: Volume 1 (1946) - purchase here 

(features the wonderful artwork of Ed Willock who was self-taught)

Integrity: Volume 2 (Jan. - June 1947)expected publication date: early 2020

In October 1946, Integrity was founded in New York City. It was a magazine that attempted to "make a new synthesis of religion and life". Carol Robinson (1911-2002) one of its founders, describes the beginnings in an account she wrote in 1962 stating the following: 

What we did have was a sharp, intense and intuitive realization that at every turn the Church and the secular world were inimical, and the certitude that truth was on the side of the Church. We had an unfeigned horror of the efforts of some Catholics to serve two masters.

Integrity was a magazine that could never compete with the bigger Catholic periodicals in terms of number of subscribers. Yet was that ever the point? What it did lack in financial wherewithal and prestige, it more than made up with its unique and deeply penetrating analysis of the problems facing Catholics in today's world.  

When you read the issues of Integrity, you are challenged to think as a Catholic, to act as a Catholic, to live as a Catholic. This does not mean a sort of superficial piling on of devotion towards sometimes very human problems, but a realization that we must re-orient our whole life towards Christ. That was the goal of Integrity. Did they fail? It lasted 10 years, miraculously, under two editorships (Carol Robinson and Ed Willock for the first half and Dorothy Dohen, eventual professor of sociology at Fordham University, during the latter half). At their height, they had roughly 15,000 subscribers, done without much advertisements but through word of mouth. 

It would be easy to dismiss the importance of this "little" magazine but when you begin to read these articles you will be astonished at their relevance for the 21st century reader. They debate and wrestle with the questions of the family, economics, the nature of faith, the moral life, the Sacred Liturgy, culture, recreation, fatherhood, motherhood and many other important ideas. That is why we at Arouca Press have begun the daunting task of republishing all of the issues of Integrity beginning with Volume 1. It is a monumental task but after many years of searching and obtaining individual issues, we have all the issues waiting to be republished. 

This page will keep track of all the published volumes of Integrity in a convenient place. 

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