Forthcoming Titles

2023 (in no particular order)

  • An American “Roman Theologian” on the Second Vatican Council: Articles and Diaries of Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton, 1958–1968, Edited with an introduction by Gregorio Montejo
  • People and Rulers at the Service of the Common Good, Santiago Maria Ramirez, O.P. (translation into English by Patrick & Mariana Adame)
  • Intelligence in Danger of Death, Marcel De Corte (translation by Brian Welter of L'intelligence en péril de mort); introduction by Miguel Ayuso, Ph.d.
  • Translation of Essai sur la fin d'une civilisation, Marcel De Corte (translation by Inez Storck) [originally published in 1949]
  • A Song For Else, Vol. III, Christopher Zehnder
  • Volumes 4 & 5, The Christian Year: Joseph Rivius, O.Praem (translated by Martin Roestenburg, O.Praem.)
  • Volumes 4–6, Commentary on the Psalms, Denis the Carthusian (translated by Andrew Greenwell)
  • On the Ordinary and Extraordinary Magisterium from Joseph Kleutgen to the Second Vatican Council (2nd edition), Dr. John Joy
  • The Parish and the Working Class, Abbé Georges Michonneau [republishing of 3 books, newly typeset, into one volume]
  • An Embattled Mind: In Defense of St. Thomas, Foreword by Gregorio Montejo, Ph.D, Carol Jackson Robinson (Collected Wanderer articles, 1971-1987) (Kind permission has been granted for this publication) 
  • The Liturgical Rosary