Signposts Podcasts

"Signposts" is Arouca Press's podcast where we delve into our books and contemporary issues with our very own authors. The name of our Signposts podcast is inspired by the words of the Dominican father Antonin-Gilbert Sertillanges, whose words we quote on our about page: The source of knowledge is not in books, it is in reality, and in our thought. Books are signposts; the road is older, and no one can make the journey to truth for us. It is not what a writer says that is of first importance to us; the important thing is what is.... A book is a signal, a stimulant, a helper, an initiator, it is not a substitute and it is not a chain. Our thought must be what we ourselves are. When we read, our masters must not be a goal for us, but a starting-point. 

Besides Youtube, Signposts can be found on other major podcast platforms, including  Spotify  and