Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński - Fundraising Campaign for English Translation Project

Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński - Fundraising Campaign for English Translation Project

Final cover

*** SECOND UPDATE (October 10, 2021): The translation is complete. We are now copy-editing/proofreading the manuscript. We hope to have the book published in November. 

** Today, September 2, 2020 the Polish Book Institute has informed us that they will pay a substantial amount for the the translation work. The translator has agreed to begin the translation work! 

** UPDATE: In March we applied to the Polish Book Institute for a grant to fund the translation. If we receive the grant we will not be needing this fundraiser. **

Link to the fundraising page: GoFundMe (Ended)

Funds needed for translation service: $12,500 CAD or $9500 USD

We are trying to get support for the first English translation (from the original Polish) of Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński's book,  Love and social justice. Social considerations", excerpts from Collection III - Social Crusade (Miłość i towarzystwo": "Miłość i sprawiedliwość społeczna. Rozważania społeczne", fragmenty III Kolekcji - "Wyprawa na wyprawy społeczne") which was originally published in 1993 by Pallotinum Publishing House, Poznań and is 430 pages.  

The book is a Christian reflection on the foundations of social life. It reflects Cardinal Wyszynski's profound knowledge of Catholic social teaching and is a catechesis on how to introduce Christian principles in social life in Poland after WWII. It is a tour de force of Catholic Social Doctrine within the context of Polish 20th century history.  We are very excited about this project! 

We have received permission from the Institute for Cardinal Wyszyński's works to publish this English translation. 

Read or download Chapter 1 of the original book (in Polish) here: Chapter 1 (10 pages, 12.1 MB)

Translator: Filip Mazurczak
He is a professional translator whose credentials make him the perfect fit for this important work. We are grateful that he has agreed to this translation. Below is a list of his background: 

2018 – Present (in progress): PhD, History, Jagiellonian University

2017: Certification in Translation of Specialized Texts, Jagiellonian University

2018: MA, Oral History, Columbia University

2013: MA, International Affairs, The George Washington University

2010: BA, History and Spanish and Hispanic Studies, Creighton University

What we need:

 - We are asking for $12500 CAD ($9500 USD)  to cover the costs of the translation and any GoFundMe fees. $9000 USD is going to the translator. Anything additional will be used towards the publishing of the book.  Please share this campaign! 

A free book will be sent to those who donate $25 or more. Thank you for your support! 

List of Supporters (more to be added): 

- Fr. Thomas Crean, O.P.

- Gregorio Montejo, PhD, Assistant Professor, Historical Theology, Boston College

- Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, editor, A Reader in Catholic Social Teaching: From Syllabus Errorum to Deus Caritas Est (Cluny Media, 2017)

- Dr. Steven Brust, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Eastern New Mexico University

- Dr. David Klocek, University of Virginia College at Wise

- Jonathan Arrington, Instructor at Denver Archdiocesan Seminary's Biblical School

- Thomas Storck, author of An Economics of Justice and Charity Catholic Social Teaching, Its Development and Contemporary Relevance (Angelico Press, 2017)

-  Naresh Krishnamoorti,  Managing Partner, Menlo Partners

- Alex Šepkus, (+RIP) Jewelry Designer ( "Arouca Press needs to have a subscription service, because not one of their books should stay unread by any serious Catholic". 

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