The Stone Rejected by the Builders: Some Uncommon Reflections on Social Justice


The contention of The Stone Rejected by the Builders is that social justice has to do with the ..

The Church & War: A Catholic Study


Newly typeset edition; only available in paperback. Originally published in 1928.  The Churc..

Foundations of a Catholic Political Order (Second Edition)


Foreword by Peter A. Kwasniewski In the last few years more and more Catholics have begun taking ..

Love & Social Justice


Originally published as Miłość i sprawiedliwość społeczna. Rozważania społeczne, fragmenty..

The Church Speaks to the Modern World: The Social Teachings of Leo XIII


This is a new edition of Etienne Gilson's compendium of Pope Leo XIII's social encyclicals as arrang..

Salazar and His Work: Essays on Political Philosophy


These essays were originally published in French in 1956.  Translated by Brian Welter. ..

Seeing the World with Catholic Eyes: A Conversation


The questions in Seeing the World with Catholic Eyes are meant to elicit provocative answers. The bo..

The Glory of the Cosmos


In recent years controversy over the Catholic Church's stance on environmentalism has increased. In ..

Liberalism: A Critique of Its Basic Principles and Its Various Forms


This is a new edition of Billot's classic work on liberalism. It features an introduction and a newl..

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