• A Song for Else (Volume 2: The Overthrow) by Christopher Zehnder

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Peace. This is what Lorenz List seeks, peace for a troubled conscience and an unfulfilled longing. But the peace eludes him until he meets Frater Martin, a scholar of the small, insignificant university of Wittenberg in Saxony. Martin's strange new teaching speaks peace to Lorenz—or does it? For Lorenz soon discovers that this same teaching unsheathes a sword that strikes at the peace of the Church, state, and his own soul. A member of Frater Martin's inner circle, Lorenz experiences the hope and terror that stirs Germany but finally shakes her to her foundations. This volume, The Overthrow, continues the story Lorenz List and "Else" begun in the The Vow, Part I of A Song for Else. As he emerges from the dramatic "heroic years" of the German Reformation movement and their climax, the bloody Peasants' War of 1525, will Lorenz find the peace and happiness that have so long eluded him?

Praise for A Song for Else

A Song for Else is a splendid love story, a coming-of-age novel, and an intimate account of the Protestant Reformation in Germany from the inside.  Zehnder deftly juxtaposes historical fact and fictional characters in the opening volume of his trilogy. — Mark Adderley, author of the McCracken Adventure Books and the Matter of Britain series

As Sigrid Undset’s historical novels transport the reader to medieval Norway, Zehnder’s A Song for Else plants one in a Germany on the cusp of reformation. This is historical fiction of the best sort: the kind that not only brings you into the past but allows you to experience the past as the characters would have. The past is not a desiccated stage for action, but a living environment, one we are drawn into through the hopes, fears, and challenges of the characters themselves. — Fr. Raymund Snyder, O.P. 

Like The Betrothed, A Song for Else is intimately personal and yet an epic of Christendom. Zehnder's powerful style and vivid imagination bring the reader to root for the nobility and weep over the baseness of an earnest young man's passions, while discovering through youthful eyes the spiritual core and memorable characters that made medieval Germany center stage for one the greatest revolutions in history. — Andrew T. Seeley, Ph.D, Tutor, Thomas Aquinas College, Santa Paula, California

Size: 5.5 x 8.5

518 pages

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A Song for Else (Volume 2: The Overthrow) by Christopher Zehnder

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