Carol Jackson Robinson (1911–2002)

Carol Jackson Robinson (1911–2002)

Collected Works (details forthcoming)

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1) Book 1Breaking the Chains of Mediocrity: Carol Robinson's Marianist Articles - Written in 1947 and 1948, this small book collects some of her early articles which have not seen the light of day in seventy years.

2) Book 2The Eightfold Kingdom Within: Essays on the Beatitudes and the Gifts of the Holy Ghost - This book consists of a collection of essays and small booklets that Carol Robinson wrote for the Ave Maria magazine and for Ave Maria Press (Notre Dame, IN) and published between 1962 and 1963. Gregorio Montejo, PhD, has written the introduction and Fr. James Doran has written the foreword. 

3) Book 3Designs for Christian Living - Originally published in 1947; Foreword by Christopher Zehnder

4) Book 4This Perverse Generation - Originally published in 1949; retypeset with a new cover design. Foreword by Rusty Roberson, Ph.D.

5) Book 5 Thy Faith Hath Made Thee Whole - Collected Integrity articles from 1946–1956 (will feature all of her Integrity articles, book reviews, and editorials). Foreword by Alan Fimister, Ph.D. The following is an excerpt from the Editor's Note:

This volume shows forth a relentless determination to see all of life in the light of eternity and Christ’s redemptive mission as continued through the Catholic Church. If she seems brazen at times, it is because of her total commitment to and conviction of the absolute truths of the Catholic Faith, which she refuses to lock away in a tidy corner of sentimental devotion without any connection with the realities of modern life.

6) Book 6 An Embattled Mind: In Defense of St. Thomas (1971-1987) tentative title; Foreword by Gregorio Montejo, Ph.D. To be published early 2021. 

7) Book 7:  The Salt of the Earth - Collection of articles written from 1958 to 1959. To be published mid 2021. 

8) Book 8Personal Letters of Carol Robinson (1941-1990) - long term project

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Books 1–4

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