• The Unrepentant Catholic's Cautionary Calendar (Companion Volume to the Collected Works) by Dr. John Rao

A Companion Volume to Dr. Rao's collected works. 

“Does Anybody Really Know What Day It Is? Does Anybody Really Care”?

Words incessantly pounded into our brains, hearts, and souls by the various mass media organs of our Global Motherland often cannot help but stick. And, lo and behold, it was not surprising that just as I sat down to prepare this back cover blurb, the lyrics of a popular song from over fifty years ago popped into my head, begging me to paraphrase them for Traditionalist “New Adam” purposes.

The answer to that question might still be “if so, I can’t imagine why,” were I not robbing the words now for different much more militant counter-revolutionary ends. For the Catholic Cautionary Calendar is a counter-revolutionary project, designed to nip such a nihilistic response in the bud, offering those who consult it solid reasons for waking up in the morning wanting to know what day it is, care about knowing it, and be eager to utilize that knowledge as an evangelical tool in these dramatic “end days” of the whole self-destructive, long-festering development of the repulsive monster that we call “Modernity.”

“Modernity,” which claims to be the paladin of all that is good, with individual dignity, freedom, democracy, social order, and peace emblazoned on its banners, has actually been the exact opposite of what it claims to be. Modernity “is not what it says that it is,” and, in consequence is diabolical, the enemy of the God “who is what He is,” and who, through the Incarnate Word, has given to all of nature the ability to correct its sins, and transform itself in Christ. 

This calendar, which serves as a somewhat whimsical guide to all writings that will follow it, traces the history of the growth of the modern imbroglio and the often “limping,” but sometimes quite glorious Catholic labor to fight against its ravages. It works in its humble way to introduce those who leave their castles to fight their daily battles against the Devil and for Christ with a Vade Mecum, showing them what they are up against and what they can look to for help in “taking arms against a sea of troubles.”

Praise for The Unrepentant Catholic's Cautionary Calendar

John Rao should have an endowed chair at Harvard.  But as we know too well, obscurity is the price one pays for seeing clearly in the Land of the Blind.  With this collection, however, the work of a true genius receives the wide presentation it has always deserved.  All praise to Arouca Press for recognizing an undiscovered treasure.  May it edify and even convert generations to come!  —Christopher Ferrara, author of Liberty, The God That Failed. 

John Rao has assembled a chronological collection of the deviations, errors and inanities that have accompanied over the centuries Man’s flight from God. Now humorous, now indignant, Professor Rao has given us a Syllabus for the 21st century. He also lists for each day of the year surprising anniversaries that will greatly interest students of Catholic history and those intrigued by the amazing coincidences of life. —Stuart Chessman, author of Faith of Our Fathers: A Brief History of Catholic Traditionalism in the United States

A friend and colleague, I have known Dr. John Rao for over 35 years. As a Catholic historian and a speaker of many languages, Rao has been one of the leading lights in the international Catholic traditionalist movement, a trenchant critic of the Enlightenment (so-called), and a brilliant analyst of the Western slide into socio-political decadence, on a level with de Tocqueville, Spengler, and Solzhenitsyn. Dr. Rao's great works from the essay on Americanism to Black Legends are a must read for anyone, Catholic or not, who wishes to understand the Modern Age and and the cultural maladies of our times. —Rev. Richard Munkelt, Ph.D., Catholic priest, writer, and philosopher. 

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The Unrepentant Catholic's Cautionary Calendar (Companion Volume to the Collected Works) by Dr. John Rao

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