• Christianity is Credible by Fr. Louis-Marie de Blignières, F.S.V.F. (Translated by Thomas Crean, O.P.)


Translated by Fr. Thomas Crean, O.P. from the original French edition published by DMM in 2019. 

While faith is a gift from God, it is not a leap in the dark. According to the Catholic Church, human beings can, by sifting the evidence and using their minds well, reach the conclusion that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of mankind. They can then ask for the grace to believe all that he taught. This book of apologetics stands in a tradition going back to the earliest days of the Church, and which includes such luminaries as St Augustine, Pascal, and Cardinal Newman. It sets forth reasons for belief in a clear, attractive and convincing way. As such, it should be appreciated by any open-minded and honest enquirer.

Praise for Christianity is Credible

The work of commending the Gospels for their historical credibility may seem pedestrian in the eyes of a theologian.  But the ordinary person, if they have an enquiring mind, will see in it an absolutely essential task.  I expect Christianity is Credible to prove a very useful apologetic text. —Aidan Nichols, O.P., author of Criticising the Critics: Catholic Apologias for Today

At a time when the understanding of truth is muddled, Fr. Crean’s translation of Christianity is Credible by Fr. de Blignières upholds the perennial standard of the Church that rejects both fideism and rationalism. Fr. de Blignières’ work of apologetics dives into depths of divine revelation with the anchor of natural reason, hence uniting supernatural faith with our God-given reason. By addressing the pivotal claims of Christianity in clarity and pith, this book provides an unmatched account of the birth of our Faith. —Derya Little, author of From Islam to Christ: One Woman's Path through the Riddles of God

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About the Author

Fr Louis-Marie de Blignières was born in Madrid in 1949, to French parents who were also practising Catholics. His father was at that time an army officer on active duty, and his mother was living with her own father, an engineer in a Spanish mining company. After a traditional secondary education in Paris, Fr Louis-Marie pursued scientific studies at university, and gained a master's degree in Astrophysics in 1972. He passed through a period of atheism, during which time he nevertheless continued to admire Catholicism and Christian civilisation. He returned to the practice of the faith in 1970, during an Ignatian retreat preached at a Benedictine abbey dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  His time as an agnostic and his subsequent conversion has left him with a keen desire to explain and defend the rational credibility of the Christian faith.

In 1972, he discovered again the vocation that he had first sensed as a child. After studies at a Benedictine monastery, and then at the seminary of Ecône in Switzerland, he was ordained priest in 1977 by Archbishop Lefebvre, as an oblate of what would become the abbey of Barroux in France. In 1979, he founded the Fraternity of St Vincent Ferrer in western France, between Le Mans and Rennes. This institute is Dominican in its spirituality, though distinct from the Order of Preachers. It is characterized by a traditional religious observance, the place of St Thomas Aquinas in its life of study, the use of the Dominican liturgical books in force in 1962, and a doctrinal preaching that takes many forms, especially that of retreats on the mysteries of the rosary.

In 1988, after the publication of the ‘motu proprio’ Ecclesia Dei, the Fraternity became a religious institute of pontifical right. It currently has 21 members, of whom 14 are priests, including several with canonical doctorates in theology, canon law and philosophy.

Fr Louis-Marie obtained a doctorate in metaphysics in 2003, at the university of Paris-Sorbonne. He has written several books of theology and spirituality, and he is the author of many articles in Sedes Sapientiae, the Fraternity’s journal. In 2022, a special edition of this journal was published in English.

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Christianity is Credible by Fr. Louis-Marie de Blignières, F.S.V.F. (Translated by Thomas Crean, O.P.)

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