The Eightfold Kingdom Within: Essays on the Beatitudes and the Gifts of the Holy Ghost (Book 2/Collected Works)

The Eightfold Kingdom Within: Essays on the Beatitudes and the Gifts of the Holy Ghost (Book 2/Collected Works)

  • by Carol Jackson Robinson

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This is Book 2 of the Collected Works of Carol Jackson Robinson (1911–2002).

From the Introduction: 

Carol Jackson Robinson’s Eightfold Kingdom Within is a noteworthy attempt to communicate St. Thomas’ developed thought of the Beatitudes to a non-academic audience, and while she does eschew any discussion of the intricacies of doctrinal development, subjects of undoubted interest to the historical theologians, nonetheless her series of remarkable articles reveal that Robinson was a careful and highly insightful reader of Aquinas. Over the course of her essays, Robinson rightly focuses on the task of placing the Beatitudes and their attendant Gifts once again at the center of Christian spiritual life…. —Gregorio Montejo PhD, Boston College

Written in the early 1960s, the reflections on spiritual themes found herein are altogether different from most.  Rather than consider the Beatitudes as disembodied guideposts along some kind of ethical path, Carol Robinson places them squarely within the messiness that is our modern context.  She sees them as they have ever been: not to make us “spiritual”, but how to be Catholic in this world as it is, and this is only possible when the human heart has been healed and regenerated through the happiness of restored wholeness.  Grace is still efficacious even in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

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These are not poetry embroidered and framed on a parlor wall; they are eternal brilliance from the Logos as spoken in the world.  Carol Robinson establishes them within our world – not embroidered, not framed, not, really, even pretty, but attractive all the same as they have ever been to those who accept discipleship along the dusty and rugged paths of the divine Rabbi from Galilee.

These considerations are well worth perusal and practice. —Fr. James Doran, Saint Joseph Antiochene Syriac Maronite Catholic Church

How can someone be a Christian in today's world? Practically, what does it mean to be a saint? With a rare combination of theological subtlety and down-to-earth clarity, Robinson guides the reader through specific challenges of the lives of ordinary Christians and shows how we are called to live in Christ. The Beatitudes and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are generally things Catholics memorize for Confirmation and forget about. In her gifts as both intellectual and clear communicator, Robinson opens up the Beatitudes and Gifts of the Holy Spirit for all of us non-priests and sisters to live in our lives. Holiness is always possible in any situation we find ourselves and Robinson shows the way to living a Christ-powered life. Following Christ in our circumstances takes sacrifice, but Robinson leads us into seeing our problems with God's eyes and trusting that He will always provide for those who conform their loves to Christ. If you want a book that will show you what it means to live like Our Lord in the modern world, look no further! —Professor Edmund Lazzari, Mount Saint Mary's University

The Eightfold Kingdom Within is an accesible, attractively written and down-to-earth account of the spiritual life. Its central theme, of the difficulties and rewards of striving for holiness in a secular age is only more relevant now than when the author was writing. —Fr. Thomas Crean OP

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