The Hippo Lectures: The Catholic Cataline Orations

The Hippo Lectures: The Catholic Cataline Orations

  • by Gracjan Kraszewski

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Publication Date: Early December 2023

The Hippo Lectures is a book of essays that were first given as live audience, public talks. Catholicism being a “both/and” faith, this work is both fiction and non-fiction; speech and story; serious and absurd; broadly maximal and microscopically focused. It’s singular glue, however, is the Catholic Faith. All the essays—whether about the environment, beauty, athletics, beer, sex, economics, film, or American politics, to name but a few—are viewed through a Catholic lens. Now nearly past the first quarter of the 21st century, deep into postmodernity, Catholics need books that take societal challenges head on, resisting the temptations to accommodate error, look the other way, or seek answers in the 13th century. Head on, and using postmodern tools and techniques, as we are meant to use all things, for the glory of God.  
This is that book.  

Size: 6 x 9

304 pages

ISBN: 978-1-990685-81-1 (pbk)
ISBN: 978-1-990685-82-8 (hc)


Gracjan Kraszewski

Gracjan Kraszewski is the author of three books: the novels The Holdout and Thermonuclear Mirth and the Civil War history Catholic Confederates. He earned his PhD in history from Mississippi State University and taught at the University of Illinois. He is currently Director of Intellectual Formation at the St. Augustine Center in Moscow, Idaho, while also teaching at the University of Idaho and in Washington State University’s history department and School of Design + Construction. Played baseball in college, professionally in Europe, and for the Polish National Team. Fluent in English, Polish, and French, he possesses intermediate ability in Russian, Italian, and Spanish. 

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