The Formation of a Lay Apostle

The Formation of a Lay Apostle

  • by Francis N. Wendell, O.P.

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Originally published in 1954. | Newly typeset edition by Arouca Press. 

Fr. Francis Wendell was in charge of the Third Order Dominicans in the United States. He was also the priest who received Carol Robinson into the Church in 1941. 

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The startling assertion that “the laity must be apostolic” requires unpacking as the Church becomes more and more confined in modern society. But, as Fr. Francis Wendell shows in this short book, there is a transformative “philosophy of presence that can be exercised only by lay people since they are present in and are of the world.” In this short work, Fr. Wendell shows how:

- the laity must avoid a purely external living of Christianity

- how there is no one-size-fits-all program for the laity

- that the gifts and talents of each person provide an opportunity for unique holiness

- how formation for a profession must not overshadow the formation of laity in their common role as members of the Mystical Body of Christ.

While some of his particular advice is better suited to the time period in which he lived, he highlights the timeless truth that the most important part of the lay apostolate is holiness. We participate in God’s life through grace, and must share this life with others. Whether you are a layman wishing to better understand your role as an apostle, or a priest looking to help your flock evangelize the world, this book is insightful food for thought.

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140 pages

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Table of Contents

Preface to the Second Edition (1954)             
1. A Lay Apostle—Who, What and Where    
2. “I am the Church”                                           
3. Time in One’s Life                                           
4. Spiritual Direction of the Lay Apostle    
5. The Holy Eucharist and the Lay Apostle 
6. The Prayer of the Lay Apostle                      
7. The Lay Apostle’s Reading                            
8. Some of the Problems of a Lay Apostle   
9. Leisure Time                                                       
10. Third Orders                                                     
11. The Young Christian Workers—
A Form of the Lay Apostolate                         
12. Queen of The Apostles                                
Selected Bibliography                                       

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