• One with Jesus: The Life of Identification with Christ by Paul Jaegher, S.J.

A newly typeset edition of Fr. Paul Jaegher's classic work on the interior life. Originally published in English in 1953. 

In these few simple pages we aim at expounding a conception of the spiritual life, which, of its very nature, seems well adapted to help the soul in its progress through these two stages on the road to sanctity. Founded on a fundamental dogma of the spiritual life, the dogma of sanctifying grace and of the divine indwelling, it helps us singularly to esteem and practise this precious intimacy with Christ, which constitutes the first stage. Then, following the wonderful teaching of the great Apostle on incorporation with Christ, our mystical Head, it directs the whole spiritual life towards transformation into Jesus and identification with him. And so, by continually developing in us sentiments in union with the unitive life, it lifts us up little to the highest summits of this life.

We have striven to make a synthesis of this Pauline spirituality and at the same time have tried to set in relief all its grandiose beauty, its rapturous joy and its inestimable advantages.

* * *

I am happy that Father Paul de Jaegher’s book One with Jesus will be read by many persons. The more we know someone, the more we can love. One with Jesus has helped me to know and love Jesus better. My prayer for you who read this book is that it will help you, too, to know Jesus, that you may be able to love Jesus better in the Eucharist and in the poor, so that you may grow more in His likeness. Keep the joy of loving through sharing.  —St. Teresa of Calcutta

Size: 5 x 8

ISBN: 978-1-989905-89-0

96 pages

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One with Jesus: The Life of Identification with Christ by Paul Jaegher, S.J.

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