The Parish & the Working Class

The Parish & the Working Class

  • by Abbé Georges Michonneau | Foreword by Hugh Somerville Knapman, OSB

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Projected publication date: Early 2024

The original books were First published in English (1949, 1952, 1955) by The Newman Press.

This volume includes the following books translated into English: 

Revolution in a City Parish
The Missionary Spirit in Parish Life
Catholic Action and the Parish 

(co-authored with Abbé R. Meurice 
whose section was omitted in this volume)


6 x 9

400 pages

(more details to follow)

The term “new evangelization” may not have been coined until after the Council, but the reality of it was being lived out well before. Already in the 1940s, industrial France was recognized by church leaders as mission territory, and a good deal of new ardour, methods, and expressions were devoted to reaching the young and working classes.

Abbé Michonneau was at the vanguard of these efforts. These three books, re-released here by Arouca Press in one volume, are essential reading for those interested not only in the new evangelization itself, but for understanding the growing pastoral crisis to which Vatican II was responding. —Dr. Stephen Bullivant, author of Nonverts: The Making of Ex-Christian America

The writings of Abbé Michonneau are seasoned with spiritual and psychological insights into the practical mechanics of parish life, reflecting Michonneau's years of experience ministering to working class Catholics in the suburbs of Paris. Michonneau's observations cover an astonishing breadth of subject matter, from clerical culture, to collections, to parish organization, and outreach. The Parish and the Working Class is a fantastic resource for priests or laymen looking for ideas to energize their parish but wary of the modern, kitchy revitalization programs so in vogue today. —Philip Campbell, Catholic writer and author of The Story of Civilization series

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