• The Spirituality of the Premonstratensians by François Petit, O.Praem. (Translated by Victor Szczurek, O.Praem.)

It is hoped with the second edition of the English translation of Petit's classic masterpiece that this hidden jewel of a book will become less hidden. That the people of our day might find inspiration in the amazing story and spirit of the Norbertine Order in its first centuries — the story which Fr. Petit so lovingly unpacks in these pages. And that it may contribute to keeping the Premonstratensian fire burning brightly - nine centuries after it was first set alight. 

First published in 1947; translated by Fr. Victor Szczurek; foreword by Fr. Norbert Wood, O.Praem. 

Praise for the book: 

Far from a purely academic study of an esoteric topic, The Spirituality of the Premonstratensians in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries by Fr. François Petit, O. Praem., provides an invaluable resource for the much-needed renewal of priestly life in our own time, as the Order founded by St. Norbert provided for his age.  The new English translation of this work by Fr. Victor Szczurek, O. Praem., now makes it accessible to a much wider audience.  All priests, secular as well as religious, and indeed the spiritual renewal of the whole Church, stand much to gain from the wisdom contained herein. - ✠ Salvatore J. Cordileone, Archbishop of San Francisco

The order of the Canons Regular of Premontré made a long-lasting and effective contribution for the renewal of the priesthood in a time when priestly life reached its moral low because of simony and concubinage. As the priesthood in our time is passing as well through a deep moral crisis, the newly published work of Fr. Petit on the “Spirituality of the Premonstratensians” will be an opportune spiritual help for the priests in our days for their renewal in the apostolic form of life. - ✠ Athanasius Schneider, Canon Regular and Auxiliary Bishop in Astana, Kazakhstan.

In 2021 the Order of Canons Regular of Prémontré will celebrate the ninth centenary of the foundation of the Abbey of Prémontré, which goes back to Christmas night, 1121.  On that night St. Norbert and his first companions made their profession "according to the Gospel of Christ and the Rule of St. Augustine."  They committed themselves to serving God and His Church, according to the example of the first Christian community gathered around the Apostles and the Virgin Mary.

This book, written many years ago by Fr. François Petit, a canon of the Abbey of St. Martin of Mondaye, in France, is a precious text for several reasons.  The principal reason, however, is the fact that these pages are the fruit of an intense intellectual and spiritual life.  François Petit was no doubt an exemplary Premonstratensian Canon in the sense that he truly and deeply lived out the charism of the Order on a daily basis.  He was an authentic teacher; and his book offers the reader more than a simple instruction, it offers a model of life:  to follow Christ as did the Apostles, by announcing the Good News of the Gospel to all men of good will. – Fr. Bernard Ardura, O. Praem., Procurator General of the Order of Prémontré & President of the Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences

At a time when the words “reform” and “renewal” are on so many people's lips, this new translation of the beautiful work by Fr. Petit is a timely reminder of what genuine Church reform and renewal looks like. - Abbot Hugh Allan, O.Praem., Apostolic Administrator of the Falkland Islands, Superior of the Mission sui juris of St Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha

I am delighted that this classic study is deservedly returning to print. The Premonstratensians are one of the great Orders of Latin Christendom. Their charism - monastic life combined with pastoral care - makes a major contribution to the Church, both in the United States and elsewhere. – Fr. Aidan Nichols, O.P., author of What is Religious Life? from the Gospels to Aquinas (Gracewing Publishing, Leominster, 2015)


About the Translator

Fr. Victor Szczurek is a Norbertine priest of St. Michael’s Abbey in Silverado, CA. He entered in 1992 and was ordained in 2000. He has degrees in music, education, and theology and teaches Latin in his abbey’s seminary. He has translated Cardinal Journet’s Theology of the Church published by Ignatius Press and Mass: The Presence of the Sacrifice of the Cross published by St. Augustine’s Press.

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The Spirituality of the Premonstratensians by François Petit, O.Praem. (Translated by Victor Szczurek, O.Praem.)

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