St. Mark's Gospel: A Commentary for Believers

St. Mark's Gospel: A Commentary for Believers

  • by Thomas Crean, O.P.

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Many so-called scholarly commentaries on the gospels fail to satisfy, or even disquiet, their readers because they are not written in the light of faith. Such commentaries achieve only a pseudo-objectivity, since the principal figure in the gospels is Jesus Christ, whose identity cannot be known by 'flesh and blood' but only by a supernatural insight, given from above. The present work is inspired by the approach of the Fathers of the Church, and attempts to speak of St Mark's gospel in the light of both reason and of faith.  It seeks above all to contemplate the mysteries of this gospel, while incorporating genuine insights from modern scholarship.

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160 pages

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In this brief commentary on St. Mark's Gospel, Fr. Thomas Crean integrates ancient and contemporary sources in a manner that simultaneously embodies the Christocentric spirit and methodology of the full Catholic tradition. Like all sound commentators, Fr. Crean presumes the divine origin and veracity of Scripture from the start. As a result, he is equipped both to resolve perceived historical difficulties and to draw out of the pages of St. Mark’s Gospel a multitude of spiritual insights meant to furnish and refresh the soul on its earthly pilgrimage toward God. This text truly reads like a patristic commentary, and for that reason it is a rare treasure for which Fr. Crean ought to be commended. —Dr. Andrew Blaski, Assistant Professor of Sacred Scripture at Holy Apostles College and Seminary

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In this short book, Fr. Thomas Crean's reading of the Gospel is lively, well grounded in history, but keen to explore the spiritual significance of the text. Don't let the brevity fool you. Fr. Crean draws deeply from the living tradition and conveys it in a way that makes Luke’s gospel come alive in a memorable and invigorating way. —Dr. Scott Hahn, editor of the Ignatius Study Bible: New Testament; founder and president of the Saint Paul Center for Biblical Theology

Thomas Crean

Fr Thomas Crean is a Dominican of the English province, based at St Dominic's in London.  He is the author of God is No Delusion, The Mass and the Saints (Ignatius Press) and Florence became a new Sion (Emmaus Academic), and co-author with Alan Fimister of Integralism: A Manual of Political Philosophy.  He has taught in Austria and Ireland.

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