• The Sources of Revelation/Divine Faith: Vol. 3 by Van Noort (Arouca Press Reprint)

This book is part of our Arouca Press Reprints series and is volume 3 of Van Noort's classic series on dogmatic theology. It was translated into English in 1960. It features an exact reproduction of the interior and includes a newly designed cover. 

An excerpt from the Preface: 

"The term "dialogue" crops up today more and more frequently. It emerges before the reading public in publications as diverse as Theological Studies, Time, Harper's, or the New Yorker. While this book was never intended by its author as a contribution to the dialogue between estranged Christians, it does deal with matters that lie at the heart of that estrangement. It deals with Scripture, Tradition, Faith. While it is doubtless fruitful for divergent Christian sects to exchange viewpoints on specific topics such as "Church and State," or "birth-control," or "Ecumenism," it is obviously more important to understand the broad, fundamental principles which ultimately control the specific answers divergent Christian sects offer for specific problems. 

Scripture,Tradition, Faith--these three topics form the subject matter of the present volume, and conclude the section of theology called Fundamental. Because fundamental theology pours the concrete foundations on which the whole vast edifice of theology will be erected, the topics herein treated are discussed, not for their own sake, but with an eye always on what is to come, the final building with all its specialized corridors." 

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Size: 6x9

438 pgs. 

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The Sources of Revelation/Divine Faith: Vol. 3 by Van Noort (Arouca Press Reprint)

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