The Stone Rejected by the Builders: Some Uncommon Reflections on Social Justice

The Stone Rejected by the Builders: Some Uncommon Reflections on Social Justice

  • by Fr. Joseph Levine

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The contention of The Stone Rejected by the Builders is that social justice has to do with the right order of human social life and this is impossible without right religion and healthy family life; these are indeed matters of social justice; without these the common good is unattainable. 

But is it possible to talk about God in our scientific technological world? The Stone Rejected by the Builders begins with a vigorous defense of faith in the face of science, taking the offensive by exposing the limitations of the scientific view.

Then, in the light of the word of God and Catholic tradition, without apologies, the book considers social justice in respect to the fundamental relationships revealed in Genesis: man beneath God, the interior order of the soul, man and woman, and man’s dominion over the earth. Only here does it consider in a fresh light some of the classic considerations of social justice: work, equality and privilege, human dignity, and the environment. Only in relation to the service of the right order of social life is the question of government and the common good addressed. In the end, without truth, there can be no justice.

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The Stone Rejected by the Builders: Some Uncommon Reflections on Social Justice is marked by uncommon wisdom, and represents everything I as a bishop would pray that a parish priest could be for his people and all whose lives he may touch. May many people take heart from Father’s insights and find in them the courage to live the Gospel in light!  —✠ The Most Reverend Thomas E. Gullickson, Tit. Archbishop of Bomarzo – Apostolic Nuncio

In clear, everyday language, Fr. Levine guides us through the current maze of relativism, through the story of creation, to a sure understanding of the principles underlying the Church's teaching on social justice. Along the way, he offers startling insights on the importance of the family, work, the role of the state, and the common good, all ordered to the life of grace here and glory hereafter. A brilliant and engrossing presentation of the Church's perennial social teaching. —Samuel A. Schmitt, MLM, PhD, Director of Sacred Music and Organist, Sts. Cyril and Methodius Church

In this very insightful book Father Levine deals with the reality of the neo-pagan ideology that presently prevails in the United States—but more generally throughout the western world—in terms of “social justice” as understood in Catholic magisterial and foundational dogmatic and moral principles. —Rev. Msgr. Arthur B. Calkins

The term “social justice” is often used— or abused— to support various ideological crusades. But what is social justice, and on what it is based? In this unusual book, Father Levine makes the perhaps startling argument that “the proper Sunday observance is at the foundation of true social justice.” —Philip Lawler, author, Director of Catholic Culture & Editor of CWN

Written for the layman, Fr. Levine has managed to present “uncommon reflections” which will also be enormously beneficial to the academic. This potentially life changing book belongs on the shelves of every Chancery, Seminary, Secondary school, College and University and, indeed, on the shelves of every Catholic.” —Mark Langley, Founder, The Lyceum, South Euclid, Ohio; Headmaster, Our Lady of Walsingham Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado

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