• Love & Social Justice by Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski (Translated by Filip Mazurczak)

Originally published as Miłość i sprawiedliwość społeczna. Rozważania społecznefragmenty III Kolekcji — Wyprawa na wyprawy społeczne (Pallotinum Publishing House, 1993). 

Kind permission granted by the Instytut Prymasowski Stefana Kardynała Wyszyńskiego (Warsaw) for this first ever English translation. This publication has been supported by the ©POLAND Translation Program. 

Scripture references taken from the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition and the Douay-Rheims version. 

Translated by Filip Mazurczak

A Review by Nick Olszyk (Catholic World Report): Love & Social Justice presents the prophetic voice of St. John Paul II mentor 

A Review by Dr. Danusha V. Goska (Frontpage): Writings from a Heroic Anti-Communist: Why Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski's collection of essays is a must-read.

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Beatified in Warsaw in 2021, Blessed Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński (1901–1981) is widely recognized as one of Poland's greatest heroes of the twentieth century. Exercising the function of Primate of Poland from 1948 until his death, he reminded the Polish people of their Christian heritage and opposed the abuses of the communist regime; his popularity made him the Polish communist's worst nightmare. In this collection, which is bound to become a classic, Cardinal Wyszyński provides an astute reflection on the greatest social and political problems of the twentieth century, including Marxism, fascism, capitalism, and the decline of the family.

Praise for Love and Social Justice

A brilliant, still relevant Catholic response to the social and economic quandaries facing modern society by a towering figure of the twentieth century Church. —Ewa K. Czaczkowska, biographer of Cardinal Wyszyński, professor at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw, author of Faustina: The Mystic and Her Message

Blessed Stefan Wyszyński was one of the great churchmen of the twentieth century. His reflections on the dramatic times in which he lived have much to say to our troubled twenty-first century.  —George Weigel, Distinguished Senior Fellow and William E. Simon Chair in Catholic Studies Ethics and Public Policy Center

Cardinal Wyszyński was qualified like few others to write a synthesis of Catholic Social Teaching. He not only knew it abstractly, he lived it heroically, as he bore witness before (and against) the militant neo-paganism of fascist and communist regimes, and as he strove to confirm a Catholic nation in its adherence to the kingship of Christ and the queenship of Mary. Remarkable for their candor, clarity, and courage, Wyszyński’s words resound still more forcefully in the twenty-first century, when the foundations of our common life and Catholic identity are being undermined as never before. How many writers nowadays devote an entire chapter to the duties and glories of Christian motherhood? How many write glowingly about true patriotism, and why the State itself must be “God-fearing” if it wishes to prosper? How many Catholics dare to point to the social acids of capitalism while strenuously rejecting the false allurements of socialism? We have much to learn and re-learn from this prince of the Church. —Dr. Peter A. Kwasniewski, editor of A Reader in Catholic Social Teaching

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Love & Social Justice by Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski (Translated by Filip Mazurczak)

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