• Intelligence in Danger of Death by Marcel De Corte (translation by Brian Welter)

Available for purchase the end of January. 

First English translation. Originally published in 1969 and subsequent editions in 1987 & 2017.  

Translation by Brian Welter. Introduction by Miguel Ayuso, Ph.D.

Originally published in French in 1969, Intelligence in Danger of Death by the Belgian Catholic philosopher Marcel De Corte demonstrates that his analysis, prophetic in many respects, has lost nothing of its attraction because what it describes corresponds so closely to our contemporary society. To grasp the profound mutation which man and society have undergone, Marcel De Corte offers a merciless analysis that relies on classical philosophy and insight from Christian Revelation. He outlines the genealogy of contemporary evils and indicates the ways to correct these. What Orwell and Huxley turned into novels, Marcel De Corte predicted through reasoning and analysis in the light of Wisdom. 

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De Corte is one of the greatest contemporary Catholic philosophers. It was above all in studying Aristotle that he became convinced that [Aristotle and Aquinas] used identical intellectual processes, and that they were, and are, among the best philosophers in history. This was enough for De Corte to oppose modern ideologies with the perennial relevance of classical philosophy —Danilo Castellano, author of L'aristotelismo cristiano di Marcel De Corte, 1975. 

About the Author

Marcel De Corte was born in Belgium in 1905 and died in 1994. Philosopher, heir to the great Aristotelian tradition, contemporary of Jacques Maritain, Etienne Gilson, Gabriel Marcel, and Gustave Thibon, he taught at the University of Liège until 1975. Author of more than twenty works on philosophical reflection, he is notably interested in social evolutions that stem from the French and Industrial Revolutions, principally regarding the moral and social disintegration of modern man. Intelligence in Danger of Death certainly constitutes the jewel of his production that is for a general audience. 

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Intelligence in Danger of Death by Marcel De Corte (translation by Brian Welter)

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